New in August 2015 - Friday & Saturday show times are 7:00 PM; Sunday show times remain at 3:00 PM

Main Stage 2015-16

Assisted Living, musical

Auditions: June 29-30, 6:00 PM « Aug. 21-22-23 & 28-29-30 « Suggested rating:  PG-13

Directing team:  Vickie Puffer, Kathy Mooney, Sue Clark, Jonathan Clark


From early retirement right up to pulling the plug, 21st Century seniors are partying like it’s 1969.  Imagine: no work, no pregnancy and an array of Medicare-subsidized pharmaceuticals.  This vaudeville-esque revue opens as a couple enters heaven, suspecting their son pulled the plug to get his hands on Dad’s vintage Corvette.  They fondly remember Pelican Roost, an active, full-service retirement community.  There, 18 different characters sing and dance, revel and kvetch, celebrate and bloviate their way through later life.


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, drama

Auditions:  Sept. 31 & Oct. 1, 6:00 PM « Oct. 23-24-25, 30 & Nov. 1-2 « Suggested rating:  PG-13

Artistic Director:  Jason Keller


In the peaceful little hamlet of Sleepy Hollow, all is not as it appears.  For behind its genteel facade lies a secret that has long loomed over the bucolic community since the Revolutionary War.  The year is 1795.  Our story revolves around Christian souls who share cautionary tales of ghosts and goblins, a favorite being that of a Hessian soldier who was beheaded by cannon fire.  A stranger's arrival presages unusual events when Ichabod Crane, a journeyman schoolmaster,  takes up residence in the quaint village.


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever & The Gift of the Magi, comedy/kids

Auditions:  Oct. 26-27, 6:00 PM « Dec. 11-12-13 & 18-19-20 « Suggested rating:  G

Artistic Director:  Steve Gray


The Herdmans are the worst kids in history.  So no one is prepared when this outlaw family decides to take over the annual Christmas pageant.  They’ve never even heard the Christmas story before so their interpretation has a lot of people up in arms.  «  Jim and Della are newlyweds with their whole lives before them.  But Christmas approaches with little money at hand.  The classic ending is humorous and bittersweet as both characters discover a world dominated by love.


Farce of Nature, comedy

Auditions:  Feb. 22-23, 6:00 PM « April 15-16-17 & 22-23-24 « Suggested rating:  PG-13

Artistic Director:  Jack Mahoney


The Reel 'Em Inn was the finest little fishing lodge in the Ozarks.  But business is down  and the lone guest is only there due to a location shift in the Witness Protection Program.  Doesn't anybody just want to fish anymore?  The proprietor’s wife has taken drastic steps to improve their love life through hypnotic suggestion and, for the life of him, D. Gene cannot understand why his pants keep falling down.  Bring in a diverse and slightly twisted parade of characters and you get a deliciously funny romp as everyone hides, lies, cross-dresses, and slams the doors in their efforts to evade the others.