We know that the la$t thing you want i$ for $omeone to a$k you for money.  $o that’$ what we’re not doing.  We’re not a$king for money.  Nope.  There’$ no way you could get u$ to a$k for fund$.


Our expen$e$ have gone up, though - electric and heating e$pecially becau$e of the unu$ually cold weather.  And there were $ome expen$e$ incurred to repair $ome damage from a roof leak.  But we wouldn’t a$k you to help cover tho$e expen$e$.  Nor would we a$k for money to help upgrade our lighting $y$tem - even though light fixture$ and replacement bulb$ are pretty expen$ive.


$o re$t a$$ured that we are definitely not a$king you to make a tax-deductible donation of, $ay, $25, $50, $100, or more.  But, on the off chance that you’d want to - we’re not a$king, though - we’ll give $50 donor$ a nifty OTP travel mug and $100 donor$ will get 2!  For all donor$, we’ll even acknowledge you in the next OTP new$letter, if you like!

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Mail your gift (that we totally didn’t ask for) to:

Old Town Players, Inc. w PO Box 855 w Vincennes IN 47591

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unsolicited gift (check one):

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May we acknowledge your surprise gift in our next playbill/newsletter?

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r No, you people are weird and I don’t

           want anyone to know I know you!

Not That We’re Asking...